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Two main lines of pen packaging are available. The so-called JUMBO line and our SLIM line. These pens can also be either MONO (with applicator on only one side) or DUO (with applicators on both sides). Each DUO Pen provides the opportunity to combine two different products in one and to create the perfect match. Since one of our major driving forces is innovation, we also have interesting pen shapes and sizes which will differentiate your product from the competition. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


You have your very own unique creation. Whether you want to make sure that you maintain your brand image or go crazy, we are here to help you turn ideas into reality

Here, at United Brands, we offer our clients a unique opportunity to create highly customized products, by providing the possibility to combine over 160 different ink colors, with the widest range of packaging and applicators. On top of this, we offer the possibility to:

Metal overspray
Silk-screen & Hot-foil printing

Slim Packaging

Our Slim packaging is convenient, elegant, and easy to carry.

Extend your makeup line with our innovative Slim DUO pen:

This item is exclusively produced at UBM and allows the combination of two products in a single Slim packaging. With the DUO one chamber ink system, you can combine different tips for different effects. At the same time, thanks to our DUO two chamber ink system, your pen becomes a versatile multitasker. For example, you can pair-up an eyeliner with a lip liner, a make-up corrector or an eyebrow pen.

Jumbo Packaging

With a larger diameter, the Jumbo liner offers more value and maximum control. Easier to use and extremely versatile, this large format offers unlimited application possibilities. The oversized felt tip smoothly draws thick or thin lines, allowing ideal grip with every use.

We offer two jumbo sizes: XL Jumbo and XS Jumbo. Two different cap sizes are also available.

Shorty Packaging

With the same diameter as the Slim pen but a shorter body, our Shorty pen is cute and easy to carry for a quick touch-up. The cap of the pen can be attached to the end cap to ensure an optimal grip of the liner.

La Dame Packaging

A perfect fusion between United Brands' Jumbo and Slim liners, “La Dame” pen is the sophisticated alternative to the standard cosmetic liners currently available on the market.

This brand new packaging is as light as a standard Slim pen, but has a larger diameter for a bolder statement and a pleasant ergonomic feel.

La Dame - elegant, sophisticated, beautiful.

US Liner Packaging

To meet point-of-sales specific size requirements, United Brands reduced the standard Slim format by 1 cm to better accommodate for the US merchandising parameters.

This size is recommended for brands with fixed dimensions in displays or blisters.


Cushion Packaging

United Brands’ amazing range of formulations is also available in a cute little jar! Dip one of your make-up line brush in the small cushion, soaked with our premium ink and apply the eyeliner on your eyelid like a pro.

The fluid textures allow you to build in the color or smudge it for a smokey-eyes effect. Dries quickly and gives excellent pay-off! The soft sponge will release as much ink as you need to apply your favourite eyeliner style.

Available in several formulations and shades.

Marker Packaging

Your favorite marker from school has been reinvented as an amazing make up tool! An original concept for your line of cutting-edge makeup: rewrite the rules of cosmetics! Available as eyeliner or lipstain pen, this product is compatible with different formulas and several combinations of applicators and color-matched packaging components.

Dipliner Packaging

The liquid texture of our Dipliners and its innovative thin applicator enhance a perfect precise application. The metallic shades have a shiny chrome-effect finish.